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federal contracting  readiness  Program(FCRP)

Ruffin Consulting’s FCR Program is designed to minimize risks associated with the contracting readiness process for certifying 8(a) firms. Risk mitigation is accomplished by objectively assessing the potential

8(a) candidates to determine Potential for Success before applying or during 8(a) application processing.

Note: Current 8(a) firms (Track 3 candidates) should proceed to Track 3 section and Assessment Form B (noted below)


8(a) candidate assessment initiates two (2) tracks of 7(j) M&TA training.

  • Track 1 – designed for candidates that currently lack the minimum requirements for Potentials for Success. Upon completion of Track 1 classes, these 8(a) candidates can start Track 2 and the 8(a) BD application process.

  • Track 2 – designed for candidates that meet the minimum requirements for Potential for Success – the 8(a) BD application process also starts with Track 2 candidates.

Please assist us by completing the assessment form below.

initial assessment form


1. Select "Form A" box (above)

2, Save to your computer 

2. Complete the saved form (from your computer)

3. Submit via email link (along with requested information)


Track 1 (Basic Business Development Assistance Needed)

Focuses on applicants currently lacking Potential for Success. Management and Technical Assistance (M&TA) will focus on the following topics.  

  • Eligibility Requirements for SBA 8(a) BD Program

  • Contractor’s Qualification Requirements – Per FAR 9

  • Basic understanding of the Federal contracting environment 

  • Preliminary Market Research 

  • Is the Federal Contracting the right fit for my small business?

  • Comprehensive review of Potential for Success Per 13 – CFR 124.107

Track 3 (7(j) M&TA for Certified 8(a) firms)

This platform is utilized by certified 8(a) firms to enhance capabilities and capacity of the firm by advancing through the following training courses / workshop:

  • Forecasting 

  • Estimating and Bidding 

  • Forward Pricing 

  • Indirect Rate Structure Development (Actual & Provisional)

  • Proposal Preparation 

  • Contract Negotiation 

  • Cost Accounting

  • Quickbooks Accounting for Federal Contractors and DCAA Compliance 

  • QBs Installation / Optimization

  • Business Processes & Systems

  • Gap Analysis

  • Written Systems Documentation 

  • Capture Management 

  • Market Research - Marketing Intelligence 

  • Strategic Alliances

  • Capacity and Capabilities Building Strategies 

  • Contracting, Certification and Business Development Strategies

  • Cybersecurity (FAR & DFARS Clauses)

  • GSA Schedule Marketing to the Federal Government 

  • ISO9001 AS9100

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Human Resource Training 

Certified 8(a) Firms Initial Assessment Form


1. Select "Form B" box (above)

2. Save to your computer

3. Complete the saved form (from your computer)

4. Submit via email link 

Track 2 (Firm Demonstrated Potential For Success)

The more contracting ready the 7(j) firm is before applying for 8(a) certifications, the higher is its Potential for Success. Federally speaking, the more contracting ready a 7(j) firm is, the more eligible and qualified it is for contract awards. This will obviate the future need for 8(a) firms to waste developmental and transitional program years just learning and understanding the pre-requisite of the Federal contracting environment – hence, the 8(a) firm could primarily focus on growing the business and implementing contract capture strategies for both federal and commercial contract opportunities.

This standard is set by RC administering, and clientele matriculating, the following 6 certifiable classes:

  • 8(a) Eligibility (Basic and Continued Eligibility)

  • Basic Understanding of the Federal Contracting Environment 

  • Federal Contractor Qualification (FAR 9), including DCAA Compliance

  • Capture Management and Bid Strategies and Strategic Alliances o Preliminary Market Research  o Preliminary Capture Plan

  • 1010C – 8(a) Business Plan Training / Development 

  • Planning for Transitioning Out of the 8(a) Program 

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